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Shannon Fischer's Bio

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Shannon had undergone a profound Spiritual Awakening in the Spring of 2011. She had what is known as an unexpected and unprepared Full Blown Kundalini Rising. This experience was the beginning of her Awakening Journey as a Spiritual Energy Healer. The experiences that took place over the following years had expanded her consciousness and awareness, which led to recognizing and unlocking abilities that had been dormant within her being until the time was right to emerge.

Medicine Woman in Sacred Alignment with Great Spirit.
Kundalini Rising

These series of events had led her to the understanding of the energy centres (known as Chakras) and how to properly balance and work with these parts of our bodies (energetically as well as physically). This information was not taught (in mainstream schools) within western civilization, however, things are beginning to shift nowadays (2023). The awakening process has also cultivated a much-needed ReConnection and ReAlignment with the Soul/Spirit within the physical body, as well as being able to connect with the Spirit World. Meditations have been the greatest tool to facilitate with the ReAlignment Process of the inner connections of the energy body in harmony with the physical and mental bodies, allowing the path to Mastering Thy Self, easier and more comfortable. We are never alone and the greatest relationship we will ever have in this life is the one which we cultivate and nurture with ourselves. This is how we fully activate all that we are and be able to connect to Spirit within All Life.

Chakra Balance in Divine Alignment with Source. A human in meditaion, energetically aligned with the Sun.
Harmonic Allignment

Shannon is a natural born Shaman by way of her initiated spiritual awakening experiences and has learned valuable tools to heal her own Self which has allowed her to pass on the knowledge by way of sharing her personal experiences, to assist others. Over the course of 12 years, she has become a reputable Tarot/Oracle Card Reader & Teacher, a Quantum Energy Healer & Teacher in her community as well as online. She offers weekly Live Readings on her Facebook page called "Webenessence EnterPrizes" every Friday evening for @2hrs (usually) and has been providing this free service to the public since the Spring of 2017. Shannon also provides 1:1 personal readings and healing sessions at very affordable rates. These are done either in person or online. In the Summer of 2017 Shannon had successfully completed her first Tarot/Oracle deck called, "ChakrAlign - Energy Healing Tarot/Oracle Cards - A Metaphysical Guide For Self Mastery". This deck is "one of a kind" and can only be obtained through her directly. Shannon's creations are always guided by Spirit, with the loving intentions to be a valuable tool for anyone to utilize as Divine Spiritual Guidance.

Another creation of Shannon's which utilizes all of her skills and abilities as a Quantum Energy Healer, is a Brand New Service/Program called S.A.S. (Spiritual Ascension Support). This service/program is tailored to each individuals needs for 1:1 ongoing support work and divine spiritual guidance, on their Journey of Expansion, Healing and Self Mastery. ​​ Drum Making Workshops are also available, in groups or individually. Contact Shannon for availability or to set up a private event. Check out the detailed Journey of Shannon's ReConnection to the Sacred Medicine of the Drum, which is written in great detail in a separate Blog.


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