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My Journey with the Sacred Drum Medicine

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

In the Spring of 2018, I was introduced to the Sacred Medicine of Indigenous/Cultural Drumming. I had a friend invite me to the Mission Friendship Center for their weekly Women’s Warrior Drum Circle led by Sue-Ann Markin who was the Creator of Native Heart Drum Group and the Friendship Center’s Community Health Worker. I was welcomed with an open heart and open arms into this sacred space and ended up having one profound experience after another, for the next 3 days in a row.

During that first day, I had my first Smudge Ceremony, was given a spare drum to learn with, and had the amazing opportunity to participate in the drumming of the songs. The words were even written on a large piece of paper for all to see and help to sing along. I was so nervous, I thought there was no way I would be singing this time. When the drumming started, I fell into the rhythm so naturally, it felt like I had just arrived home. I started crying with overwhelming joy at what I was experiencing and when it came time for me to sing, I ended up letting my voice out. My Spirit took over and for the first time in this Life, I was Home and Free.

After the Circle we all gathered in the main area for Lunch, which is given to all who are in need of food, every day! I had been introduced to another beautiful soul who was insistent on giving me a gift. She said that I needed to have these items and I could see the Urgency in her expression and feel the Intensity within her energy. It had me shiver from head to toe (which is my signal from Great Spirit that this is the Truth – Some people call this Spirit Tingles or God Bumps – I pay attention when this happens, it is not to be taken lightly). So she places a tiny brass key and a mini white marble that has a splash of yellow, a splash of green, and a splash of blue on it, into my hand. That’s it, just those two items and nothing else. I thanked her and let her know that these are significant to some type of message that I did not understand at that moment, but I was positive that I would get the clarity about it when the time was right. I told her that I would let her know what this means, as soon as I found out myself.

The next day, I was invited back to the Center to join the Co-Ed Drum Circle. There were twice as many participants which amplified the Sacred Medicine and Energy almost 100 fold. It was the first time I had experienced being high without the use of drugs or alcohol. I had left that day riding a cloud that was beyond Cloud 9 lol, I call it Cloud 13 and it lasted for the rest of the day and night. That night before bed, I did a meditation and communicated with Great Spirit, giving thanks for all that has come into my life recently. It had been quite a blessing and honor to be led to and embraced by everyone at the Friendship Center and within the Indigenous Culture. I knew without a doubt that I also have deep connections in my blood to this medicine and it was being awoken within me at this time. I asked Great Spirit to deliver me a Sacred Drum and one that I was currently able to afford, which was $50. I knew when the time was Divinely Right, it would present itself. So I thanked Great Spirit again, for the future opportunities that I knew in my Heart, without a shadow of a doubt, were on their way.

Day 3. Upon Awakening of this morning, I received a phone call, while having my coffee, from the friend who introduced me to the Sacred Drum Medicine, and she said she was at the local farmers market ( as we spoke ) and that there was a vendor there selling drums. She said that there was one drum that had a raven on it and she swore she could hear my name as she looked at it. She also informed me that they were being sold for only $50. Well, I almost fell off my chair in disbelief. I then shared the conversation I had with Great Spirit before I fell asleep the previous night and she was now blown away at the synchronicity. I had asked her to secure that specific drum, with the seller, and I would be there in a couple of hours to pick it up. When I arrived, the drum was not there. The seller informed me that my friend had met up with another mutual friend (a respected Elder within the communities) and were on their way to a rally for the Wild Salmon Defenders Alliance. The Elder realized he didn’t have his drums with him and did not have time to go back home and get them. He was informed of all the experiences I was having and recognized the Signs himself so he took the opportunity and bought my drum, blessed it with his beautiful medicine and then he hand delivered it right to me, later that afternoon. I was in tears yet again, overwhelmed with the honor of what has just taken place. I received that drum with an open heart and knew I was to be in service with it. I reimbursed the $50 to the Elder and we parted ways.

When I got home that day, with my first new Sacred Drum, I laid it on my bed and thought about getting a bag for it. Spirit popped a memory of a round cloth bag that was given to me by a family member about 4 months ago. I found the bag and sized it up and again, I could hardly believe my eyes, it actually fit perfectly, once I widened the top portion to be able to get the drum inside. The bag is red in color which represents the Root Chakra, also the Roots within our physical bodies and in connection to our Mother Earth. The writing on the bag says Origin O. I intuitively hear, Original Roots as well as Origin with the last O as a circle not a letter.

During that 3rd night's sleep, I was awoken by Great Spirit and the Ascended Masters at 3:33 am. They told me it was time to solve the mystery that was given to me and showed me in my mind's eye (because my eyes were still closed as I was lying in bed communicating telepathically), the little brass key and the mini marble. I was like oh ok, here we go! So I asked (internally) what does this marble represent? I knew it was the key to something. I was given a memory of a clip at the end of the first Men In Black movie. I saw the alien hand reach down and pick up what looked like a mini earth (marble) and toss it as if it was part of a game. I realized this marble I was given represented Earth yet I was confused by the white with 3 splashes of colors on it, so I asked why it looks different. I heard the words clearly, New Earth. My next question was what is the Key to New Earth? The next vision/memory that came forward was a banner that was on the wall about the kitchen in the Lunchroom at the Friendship Center that read COMMUNITY. In my mind's eye, this banner came closer to me and split into two words, COMM UNITY. I did not pronounce the first part the way Spirit was hoping I would. They find my literalness very amusing. So I then saw the first word shift to COME. When I heard my own pronouncing of Come and then Unity, everything just came perfectly together and hit me in quick succession. The message is very clear.

Come together in Unity through the Community IS the Key to New Earth”

I asked Spirit if I needed to get up and write that down and they asked me if I honestly thought I might forget this experience. I chuckled with them and said, absolutely not! They went on to tell me that I did some very good work and I will be Guided along this new Journey, every step of the way.

I fell back asleep and upon awakening, I indeed remembered every little detail of the experience I had.

I shared this with Sue-Ann at the next Drum Circle and was quickly taken under her wing to learn and participate in all the Native Heart Drum Circles that took place moving forward. After a few short months, I was appointed co-facilitator of Native Heart Drum Group and was able to lead circles in place of Sue-Ann when she was unable to attend. We both wanted the medicine to be shared and available to all who needed it, as regularly as possible. We met outdoors once a week during the warmer and dryer seasons and found indoor spaces to gather every week during the other seasons. Native Heart Drum Group became well known within the Community as well as surrounding Communities and was offered the opportunity to ceremoniously Open and Close community and cultural Events. Sue-Ann and I had also successfully completed the Aboriginal BEST Program (Business Entrepreneurship Skills Training) in Nov. 2018 and had our very first Cultural Drum Making Workshop in the Summer of 2019.

It was such a great honor to be of service in this way, alongside one of the biggest hearts I ever had the pleasure of walking beside.

Life leads us in different directions at times and after the Global Events that affected everyone in 2020, I did my best to hold circles on my own under Native Heart. It was difficult to pursue this group without the Creator of it by my side. So in the Spring of 2021, Great Spirit and the Ancestors has given me a message that it was time to branch out and Create a new drum group. I had reached out to Sue-Ann and shared this message with her and asked if she would be ok with this movement and reassured her that I would always inform people of who taught me what I know and respect her as my teacher and soul sister. She welled up with tears and told me she was honored and so proud of me and all I have done with Native Heart and the people connected within the group and that Yes I have her Blessing to Create my own drum group and one day we will gather and merge Native Heart, with Healing Hearts Sacred Drum Journey.

As I am writing this, it is the Spring of 2022. Our beloved Sue-Ann Markin has made the Journey back home to Great Spirit (Creator). She departed this Earth on Feb. 22, 2022.

I continue to provide Sacred Drum Circles regularly within the Healing Hearts Sacred Drum Journey (find us on the FB Group page to get connected and stay informed of when and where we gather). The teachings are shared with all walks of life. There is no discrimination or separation between any culture or nation. We cultivate a safe space for those ready to walk on the Red Road. We support Inclusivity within the Diversity of all Human Beings, through open hearts.

In Loving Memory of the Beloved Sue-Ann Markin, I will continue to honor your Spirit and the Sacred Medicine, through every drum beat and song sung, that you so beautifully shared with everyone.

One day, the healing center we were dreaming of creating together, will come to be.

Fly High my beautiful Sister

Native Heart will always be

within All Hearts

buffalo hide frame drum with images of raven, eagle, salmon, bear and wolf surrounded in the medicine wheel.
Raven Sacred Drum

Shaman connecting with Sacred Fire and Wolf Spirit
Shamanic Sacred Ceremony



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