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Get Healthier, Feel Better & Live Longer.....Experience It To Believe It!

Introducing the OMNI1 PEMF Therapy Devices manufactured by Swiss Bionic Solution. German Engineered and Swiss Produced, this revolutionary technology helps to rebalance and regenerate the body energetically, mentally and physically, which facilitate healing and optimal health in phenomenal ways. PEMF stands for Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field and these Medical Grade (and certified) Devices contain copper coils that emit frequencies between .5hz to 30hz which is scientifically proven to promote repair and regeneration, withing the body, on a cellular level. This therapy is non invasive and complements other modes of treatment as an addition to optimal health and wellness. Whether you are experiencing vertigo, insomnia, headaches/migraines, depression, anxiety, or have an injury or chronic illness, the PEMF Therapy Treatments will assist with pain relief and relaxation, also known as the Parasympathetic Mode, so that your body can start to heal and rebalance itself out.

I have been using these devices ever since I acquired them a few months ago and I have experienced a balance in my hormones, less hot flashes and no where near the intensity compared to before the PEMF Treatments. I also sleep through the night, no more insomnia and an old injury in my right hand has been getting better and gaining more strength, with continued use. When my hand flares up with pain, I can alleviate that pain within a 10 - 15 min treatment session. It's absolutely amazing!

The results I am seeing with clients who book in for sessions is equally amazing. One client suffered from overwhelm and anxiety due to ADD/ADHD. The mind never seems to calm down and be clear for her and she had tried all kinds of treatments, to no avail. Then she found me and did a 20 min session with the OMNIBrain (which works with light and colour pulsing through a mask that covers your eyes). This is called Chromotherapy and it helps to bring the right and left hemisphere's of the brain into harmony and while receiving the PEMF from the whole body mat, brings the brain and body into proper balance and harmony with each other. After the 20 min session, she said she felt very relaxed and clear and then a couple days later, she messaged me and told me that she had experienced a clearer and body function that lasted up to 2 days. She was so grateful to have finally found something that actually helps. So she booked another session a couple weeks later and after that treatment, she decided to buy her own set of devices.

The use of these devices is also a wonderful addition to any healing practice within a business. As a Reiki Therapist, these devices amplify the Universal Life Force Energy that get channelled through me during a session. Bigger bang for your buck, so to speak! So, if you would like to try out a PEMF Therapy session on it's own or utilize a combination of PEMF and Reiki, these services are now available to book at Webenessence EnterPrizes.

For more information about PEMF please watch this video on YouTube..........

For more information about the Omni1 and Prime Devices from Swiss Bionic Solutions, check out the website at

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