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Picture of Shannon Fischer

Shannon Fischer

 Webenessence EnterPrizes

Abilities & Certifications


Quantum Energy Healer /Psychic Medium / Reiki Master & Teacher / Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, Writer & Teacher / Intuitive Empath / Spiritual Ascension Support  Guide / Creative Spiritual Entrepreneur / LightWorker / Life Coach / Mentor / Drum Circle Facilitator

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Webenessence EnterPrizes is a Wellness Healing Center and is aligned with helping people understand the energy within and around themselves, to facilitate healing from the inside out and feel uplifted through fun, exciting and awe-inspiring ways. Each type of service provides a unique personal experience. By reconnecting with Nature, utilizing a variety of Cultural Traditions, we revitalize and rejuvenate the Nature within ourselves. Just like turning on a Light switch, Webenessence has many Creative ways to offer profound journeys of Self Discovery and Promote Health and Wellness on all levels and in all areas of ones life.

  Webenessence EnterPrizes is also a Collaborative and Co-Creative Healing Centre working with many other businesses owned by extraordinary creators, healers, and facilitators, to bring the best possible assistance to anyone who is seeking healing and balance within the body, mind and soul.


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