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Reiki Energy Healing ~ Channeling Universal Life Force Energy

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

What is Reiki?

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki Masters/Practitioners conduct Energy Healings on themselves and others which is done by connecting with the Universal Life Force Energy and becoming a conduit to naturally allow the Flow of this Magnificent Energy into the body which is then directed to wherever and whomever it is intended to heal.

Universe or Planet radiating energy. Light in darkness.
Healing Light Energy

What are the benefits of Reiki?

It is important to understand that everything is Energy and when we work at Clearing stagnant energy from our energy bodies, we then open up areas of ourselves for a new flow of energy which promotes the healing needed within the physical body and cultivates a more balanced energetic state of being, while going about our day to day lives.

Hands radiating colourful, healing energy.
Future medicine will be based on controlling Energy in Body.

How is Reiki performed?

There are various types of Reiki Energy Healers and Practices, all of which are valid when coming from an individual who has been attuned to the Universal Life Force Energy. All humans have this amazing connection yet do not realize it or know how to work with it themselves. Some practitioners use music, incense, essential oils and/or crystals as part of their sessions. A typical Reiki Healing consists of relaxation through a visualization/guided meditation or using the other senses to relax in calm and quiet setting. A scan of the clients energy is done by the Healer to find out where and what energy needs clearing. Then a balancing of all the energy centers (Chakras) is performed, followed by a n envelopment of White and Gold Light surrounding and saturating your Aura (Energy Body) and your Physical Body. Upon completion of a session, you will be gently guided through a grounding visualization and when you’re ready. You will then get any more insights or further instructions, if necessary, before you leave.

How does Reiki feel?

Reiki is felt and experienced differently for everyone. Some people feel warm or cold energy on their body from where the practitioners hands are located. Other people feel tingling or bubbly type sensations. Sometimes other areas of the body will be felt opening or getting lighter from tension being released somewhere else. Reports of seeing visions or memories popping up are common too. While most people are very relaxed and comfortable during the sessions, they may continue feeling content or, depending of what type of healing took place, may get very tired and need some more rest while other people can get more energy from the refreshing energetic cleansing. Every person is unique and therefore will have their very own unique experiences with Reiki.

Universal Life Force energy radiating between the palms of hands.
Healing in the Palms of your Hands.

How much does Reiki cost?

Reiki Healings / Attunements vary in cost depending on the type of Reiki and the Practitioners individual

preferences. A typical energy cleanse and balance session could cost anywhere from $25 - $45 for a Distant/Remote Healing (not in person) and between $55 - $100 for an in person Reiki Healing. The duration of session will affect the price as well as the use of other energy balancing and enhancing tools.

Here are some other valuable and informative links for further research about Reiki.


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