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Energy Healing Services

Reiki energy healing is a powerful, non invasive, and very effective practice that alleviates stress and anxiety, clears and balances the subtle energy fields within and without our physical body. Clear and harmonized energy promotes optimal health and well-being within the body, mind and soul.

Quantum Reiki is comprised of a combination of traditional Usui Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and Shamanism in each session.

Private 1:1 lessons are also available for individuals interested in becoming a Reiki Practictioner.

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Psychic Readings

The art of divination using Tarot and Oracle cards (among many other tools) has been used for centuries as an easy, fun, safe and physical tool to connect with Spirit to gain insight, clarity and guidance in all areas of our lives. As a natural medium and an intuitive empath, each card reading that Shannon provides includes mediumship and an organic energy clearing (Reiki). You also will receive an email copy of all the cards and their full respective write ups, sent straight to your inbox to keep for your records.

Spiritual Ascension Pic

S.A.S, - Spiritual Ascension Support 

A 1:1 service designed and tailored to the specific needs and desires of the individual. There are many levels of the Ascension Process and the support for all or some of these levels, varies with each persons stage of development. You will learn how to access and utilize many tools such as, divination through card readings, meditation, visualization techniques, reiki, shamanism, Akashic Record Clearing, past life regression therapy, shadow work and inner child alignment, childhood trauma healing. 


The healing work and spiritual practices developed,  help you to clearly navigate the various stages of Self Discovery along  your Journey of Self Mastery.

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