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My Spiritual Awakening

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

It all started in the Spring of 2011, I was 35 years old. My life was in a literal pressure cooker of a time. I was a single mom trying to get my old job back after recovering from a tailbone injury that occurred on the job site, while I was setting up the construction traffic zone, 6 months prior. My employment insurance was running out and the rent was due in 5 days. The union rep was avoiding me like the plague for some reason so I was forced to go to the local Ministry of Social Development office to apply for temporary financial help. They denied me even before reviewing my application. I couldn't believe it. I was devasted and angry and scared too. I had hit a brick wall that felt like rock bottom. That very night, I looked myself straight in the eyes, at my bathroom mirror, and commanded with all of heart and soul, I said out loud, "You can only go up from here!" I then went to bed and fell asleep. Something profound had literally happened overnight during my sleep.

A person emerges from the darkness. They are illuminated from within. Radiating Light all around them.
Spiritual Emergence

I woke up at the crack of dawn and felt absolutely amazing! No fear, no anxiety, no trace of a single worry whatsoever! The energy flowing through me was so ecstatic and calming, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that everything was going to be just fine. My thoughts were clear and my intuition was guiding my every move, one step at a time. I asked myself what the first thing I needed to do to get all my ducks, so to speak, all lined up. The first thing to do was drink water and lots of it. This was very new to me as I had never enjoyed drinking water by itself but I found myself craving it like never before.

As I am writing this right now, which the year of the great shift, the collective global awakening in 2020 lol, I am shown a part of the movie in the Twilight Series Breaking Dawn, where Bella had just woken up after being turned into a Vampire and had the insatiable desire for blood. That is exactly how it felt for me after I Woke Up, only it was for water, not blood, thank god! Hindsight is intriguing when you finally have all the pieces of a puzzle put together. I, however, knew absolutely nothing about Spirituality Awakenings, personal psychic abilities, and a bunch of other things related to Energy, at that particular time. All I knew was how I felt and followed my inner guidance towards that good feeling. I am now a 44-year-old Intuitive Energy Healer, TarotOracle Card Reader, Usui Reiki, and Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Ascension Support Guide, but let us continue from the beginning because it really is quite the initiation upon the Spiritual Ascension Journey................


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