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Nicola Tesla Quote
10Hz PEMF Info
A person meditating within the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water.
Alternative Medicines Logos ie plant, energy, reflexology, massage and the Caduces Symbol.
The World suspended above trees and surrounded in Light coming from the Universe.

Energy Healing Services

Services / Workshops / Courses

Omni1 PEMF Therapy

(Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field)

Quantum & Traditional Reiki

( Usui, Crystal, Kundalini, Gold, Atlantean, Angelic and Shamanic Modalities)

Shamanic Services & Ceremonies
Sound Healing Journeys

Bio Field Tuning

A Mystic Woman juggling tarot cards, pendulums and crystals with a kitty on her shoulder.Psychic Readings Pic

Psychic Readings

Services / Workshops / Classes

Tarot/Oracle Card Divination

Mediumship / Channelling

Psychometry / Dowsing

Alternative Healing Services

Meditation Journeys

Trauma Healing Workshops


Plant and Animal Healing Journeys

A six pointed star within a circle with pictures of the elements in each triangle and a large heart in the centre.


Spiritual Ascension Support

This 1:1 service is tailored to each individual for support and guidance on a Spiritual Awakening and Expansion Journey. Training, Certifications and New Tools will be provided to help you on your Self Awareness, Self Discovery and Self Mastery Journey, along with all necessary Energy Clearing, Healing and Realignment work.


6 Native Style Hand Drums and 2 Rattles displayed on the grass.
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